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Our Disclaimer:

We cannot be responsible for the content of sites students may reach using the internet. We can only be responsible for the content of our own site. All of our links can be reached from one page, titled “Good Sites for Kids”. Again, if a student somehow utilizes the internet to reach other, inappropriate sites, we can't be responsible. If a site we link changes without our knowledge we cannot be responsible for the contents of that altered site until we discover the changes during our frequent site reviews.

We'll only add subscription sites if they really meet a need. Starfall, BrainPop, Enchanted Learning, and Tumblebooks are examples.

We realize sites sometimes change through alteration of contents or site ownership. For at least these reasons we review sites several times each month. When we post a link to a particular site that act does not mean we endorse every view put forth within that site, including political, religious, or editorial views. Listing a site means, in the personal opinion of the site owners, that a particular site, at the time we reviewed it, may be useful to parents, teachers, and students. If comments appear discussing sites, those comments are our own personal opinions. Generally any downloads we recommend are known within the computer community as “freeware” or “shareware”.

Finally, if anyone has concerns about any of the sites we link we ask them to please contact us as quickly as possible! Additionally if a reader of this disclaimer owns a site we link and desires us to stop utilizing the site, please contact us and we will quickly “un-link” that site. If anyone discovers a “bad” link we would appreciate quick notification. Lastly, by all means, parents and teachers – you know what is best for your kids. We sincerely hope you will always use your own good judgment about the web sites we link. Your involvement is critical to our success.

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